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Minibus Hire Norwich

There are many hypnotic destinations in the Norwich city. As we are the most experienced travelling solutions provider, we know every detail about all the major tourist places in the city but explaining all of them will not be feasible. So, for now, let us describe the best destinations of the city which will be perfect for all kinds of tourists. We will also explain the major benefits you will obtain by allowing us to serve you.

The Holt Country Park is a perfect location for all age groups. You will really enjoy a long walk with your dog here. It also has to offer you a lot in terms of natural beauty. You can think about bringing your little ones here as it has a very beautiful playground at the end. You will also see the coffee vans here so your refreshment will not be an issue here. This is the perfect place for the people who look out for peace in the woods. The parking charges are only about a dollar and there is a huge space to park.

There are table facilities available here so you will easily be able to enjoy an ideal picnic with your family. The toilets over here are neat and clean. This place also provides many nice views to the photography enthusiasts as well. You will also see beautiful carvings in the woods. There are also some wild horses here that will add up to its environment. If you don't find the coffee vans here there is a café and a restaurant at a small distance. We can easily take you to this place by our Minibus Hire services. If you are more curious about this plays you can always make an inquiry to us at Coach Hire Norwich. We will be glad to answer any of your questions.

If you are looking for a nice museum in the city to explore with your travelling crew, we have a very suitable suggestion for you. The Strangers Hall Museum has all that you expect from an ideal museum. There are many events and exhibits that are held over here and your children will also enjoy them as much as you. Bringing your kids here along with you is not a bad decision. If you have brought some food with you, there is a beautiful garden to have lunch with your loved ones.

There are some amazing old school games for the kids to play with so it will be a perfect location for them. You can even take some photographs here if you wish to. This place is not open for each day of the week so be sure to contact us at Coach Hire Norwich to know more about the opening and closing timings of this place. We recommend choosing our Minibus Hire facilities to reach this place and enjoy it to the maximum. Allow us to tell you the most lucrative benefits of our coaches.

The seats of our Minibus Hire services are made from the highest quality seat leather. You can also depend on our seatbelts in terms of security. We have enough space to carry all that you bring along with you and we also have the separate facilities to store your delicate items. There are many free facilities that we provide like free Wi-Fi, charging sockets, and fridge. We also have the best quality music system that will be a treat to your ears. You can feel free to play any track you want during the journey. There are much more benefits like the heating system during the cold days and we can also provide any extra facilities on your demand. Just drop us a mail or call us to make a booking and we will be there for you in no time. Our highest goal is to bring smiles to your faces.